Taste and Tradition

Sas Connects Tea To People.

We realise that every tea drinker has the right to know how, where, and when their tea was created. The greatness of a tea is found in its precise origins. By ensuring that the leaves are superbly sourced—and hand-picked —every time, we are redefining the way the world thinks about and enjoys tea.

Coffee Under A Blue Sky

Deliver Deliciousness

When it comes to coffee, we are extremely obsessed on roasting solely the finest, freshest coffee beans, ground daily to perfection for you to enjoy! we provide premium roasted coffee beans sourced directly from some of the foremost reputable coffee plantations.

The Incredible Story Of Taste

Combination Of Quality And Values

Discover all of the fresh spices you’ll need for such a well kitchen. Our organic and natural spices, spice mixes, and aromatic herbs are ideal for both home cooking and expert cooking. With their freshness and goodness, our spices will enhance, enrich, and entirely rejuvenate your cooking. Enhance the taste and color of your food.